Thursday Morning Workshops

The Ins and Outs of Social Media


Moderator Cassondra Schindler

Panelists: John Dempsey, Jesse Felder, James Gentes, Brenda Speirs

From the perspective of a national candy company, a local investment advisor/owner of a gaming lounge, and three of Bend’s most knowledgeable Social Media specialists, we’ll cover everything from learning how to Tweet to implementing an effective Social Media plan. We’ll explore what’s hot in trends and applications, and what’s not in terms of etiquette. Bring lots of questions and be prepared to get Social.

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Creative Research + Killer Briefs


Lynette Xanders

Provides ideas and skills to help you dig for gold in customer, brand and category insights, and shows how to develop a killer brief that gets people excited to bring it to life. Lynette Xanders, CEO and Founder of Wild Alchemy in Portland shares her 20+ years of experience with some of the best agencies and biggest brands in North America to help you create something amazing. SPACE IS LIMITED TO ONLY 50 PEOPLE.  

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Thursday Afternoon Workshops

Local University Search & Social Workshop


Search Party and Site Seeing Session

David Mihm, Andre “the Search Giant” Jensen and Will Scott

Your chance to get your website viewed by our star-studded “Nerd Herd,” featuring SEO wizard David Mihm of, Andre “the Search Giant” Jensen, owner of FreelanceSEM, and Will Scott, owner of Search Influence. After 60 minutes of each one sharing search and social tips, each member of the trio will offer randomly chosen attendees a 20-minute personal review of their website from an organic, local or social perspective (a $200 value). Attendees also have the opportunity to valuable insights from other site reviews along the way

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Creative Momentum


Lynette Xanders

Lynette Xanders’ latest assault on complacency and status-quo thinking. It tackles the five enemies of creativity and gives any businessperson the tools to kick-start the flow of ideas. SPACE IS LIMITED TO ONLY 50 PEOPLE.

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Friday Morning Sessions

Opening Keynote – Tim Ash, CEO of SiteTuners


The Four Pillars of Building Instant Trust Online

Websites and landing pages face very real trust issues - they are a scary and uncertain unknown to most visitors. Before people will act or transact, their concerns and anxieties must be alleviated. But how can you do this online when you only have seconds to establish trust? In this provocative keynote, SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash, will show you how to effectively use the Four Pillars Of Trust and smooth the way to your online conversion goals.

SEO From A to Z


Speaker: Andre Jensen

Does creating an XML Sitemap, discovering JavaScript Redirects, or crawling metadata got you running for a pint of local brew? Learn the Search Engine Optimization tactics you need to know in this easy-for-anyone-to-follow SEO from A to Z Session. Learn the basics of SEO in order to prepare yourself for the rest of what Bend WebCAM 2011 Left Brain Track has to offer

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Facebook Don’ts


Speaker: Will Scott

Don't be "that guy." You know the guy in the middle of the room at the party, talking loud and slapping his card in the palm of every passerby. Data show that consumers want to interact with businesses online. They particularly want to see that businesses are engaged in Social Media. And they don't necessarily want to be sold to. In this session we'll look at some good, some bad, and some ugly ways businesses are engaging in Social Media and you'll hopefully leave with a few new tools and ideas for how you can do it right.

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Modern Dog Gone Wild : Part 2


Speaker: Michael Strassburger

Subject: 1987- Present: A brief history of Modern Dog Design Co., an internationally acclaimed studio that creates imaginative, bold, playful and downright hysterical design in interactive and print media. The session will focus on Modern Dog’s ongoing 17-year client relationship with Blue Q, designers and manufacturers of decorative objects and other awesome & artful curiosities. Come find out how the heck they’ve gotten away with producing such tastefully offensive packaging on everything from bath & body products to bubble gum.

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Choosing Your Keyword Battles


Speaker: Todd Malicoat

Learn how to do a proper cost to benefit analysis on which keywords will be most effective for your website's SEO campaign. KOB is the glue that binds solid SEO, and impacts your entire marketing campaign. We'll show you how to choose your keyword battles wisely. Everyone is aware that keyword research is important, but understanding which keywords are attainable and why is critical as well. Opposition analysis of the search results helps you to understand how links, site age, content, and other important factors impact your sites search rankings relative to others. Don't get stuck optimizing for phrases you can't achieve, you'll waste your budget and lose the confidence of those around you. Learn how to create an effective SEO strategy to crush the competition and be a hero with an understanding of search ranking factors and keyword opposition to benefit analysis.

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Tools of the Trade


Speakers: Scott Hendison & Taylor Pratt

In today's Internet marketing world, you need your SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing teams to work together to be successful. However, with a holistic approach comes complications, breakdowns in communication, inefficiencies and collaboration. Learn what tools, software and tactics your agency or in-house team can us to address those complications and build a more efficient holistic Internet marketing approach. Coming to this session could shave hours off your workload each month.

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Friday Afternoon Sessions

Closing Keynote – Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz


The Death and Rebirth of SEO

From 1999-2008, the practice of SEO stayed remarkably consistent. Research keywords. Create content. Build links. Rinse. Repeat. But online communities changed. Google changed. Searchers changed. And now, it's a whole new ballgame. A lot of what SEO was is dying. But something new is being reborn in its place, and those who will win the web tomorrow are following a different path than those who came before.

Double Your Paid ROI

9 Steps to Stop the Insanity and Increase the Profits on Google, Facebook, Bing et. al.

Speaker: Adam Audette

Everybody's been chasing social media like mad for several years, and now must also contend with figuring out mobile and iPad marketing. Great but aren’t you forgetting something? How about 60 minutes of time for something that could give you the biggest single marketing win for 2011 and beyond?

Paid search/pay per click (PPC) and related media types are still far and away the single largest component of most discretionary online marketing budgets, dwarfing SEO, social media, mobile, and any other online marketing spend category. And there is low-hanging, valuable fruit to be harvested for you.

Is your performance flat to down? Is there more competition? Do you have the time to manage this? If you have the help of an agency, how well are they doing? Isn’t it time to revisit this investment?

Learn the 9 things you can do immediately to recapture value back from Google and your competition

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The Brand – and Re-Brand - Online


Speaker: Sarah Kotlova

Historically, branding and re-branding projects have been approached from a very off-line perspective ... and then translated online. But in our brave new world, online may be a brand's most visible, actionable and important channel, and some companies are now approaching their brands ground-up to be impactful online. We’ll examine a few recent examples (and the process used to get there) for brands in three very different categories.

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Ask the Experts!


Moderator Todd Friesen

Panelists: Melissa Jensen, Sarah Kotlova, Will Scott, Derrick Wheeler

After a mind-boggling two days at Bend WebCAM 2011, you still have a few burning questions. Maybe you’re confused about user experience, search engine optimization, calls to action, site design or site organization. No matter what your questions relate to – or how insignificant they may seem – bring them to our final breakout session of the day and “Ask the Experts!” Our group of seasoned professionals can address them individually and collectively, and remove the haze that may be buzzing around in your brain. Don’t go home in the dark. Leave enlightened.

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The Advent of Social Film: The Inside Experience


Speaker: Jaime Robinson

Social films are a recent phenomenon and there are few precedents for their format. In this session learn about “The Inside Experience,” a social film project presented by Intel + Toshiba. Jaime Robinson, the creative lead on the project, worked alongside Director DJ Caruso and actress Emmy Rossum to assemble clues and drive successful audience participation in this unique Hollywood thriller. Learn about the opportunities for engagement, effective media placements and how far viewers will go to be a part of the big picture.

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Online Reputation


Speakers: Todd Friesen & Conrad Saam

Reputation management is hot button and major issue in online marketing today. Protecting your brand online is a challenge and requires some very specific strategies, including SEO, PR, PPC and Social Media. Online Reputation Management is only getting harder as more and more people are discovering how easy it to publish their own content online as well as contributing UGC to complaints boards and popular blogs. Cleaning up the mess and protecting you reputation going forward is an ongoing project.

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One Site, Many Sizes


Speaker: Hans Sprecher

Forget apps, .mobi sites, and smoke signals. Here's a little secret: you can make one website to cater to different device types. Mobile handsets, tablets, laptops, desktops, TVs, and eBook readers can all be served from one site using a technique called responsive design. Responsive design is already sweeping the web world, and this session covers the basics. We'll look at what responsive design is, how to begin thinking about it, and how it effects the content on your websites. We'll also discuss three things you can do today to ready your website for the responsive revolution.

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Don't Listen, But Do Pay Attention


Speaker: John Andrews

How did people find stuff before Google? Does SEO still matter? Or is it dead again? What about Flash? And this HTML5 it a standard yet? Do I even need a website today? Or is my Google Place Page enough? Should we develop websites with ASP? PHP? Wordpress? Or Django? Should we host in the cloud, host on a server, or on Facebook? And what's this new stuff I hear about keyword density, correlation coefficients and Responsive Design? There are so many questions, and so much "free" advice. How do we know what to ignore and what actually matters?

Join experienced SEO Strategist and Competitive Webmaster John Andrews for a tour of where we come from and where we are headed from the perspective of a web publisher facing explosive growth in Internet adoption and massive accumulation of power at the Googleplex. John will share insights and tactics for sifting through the noise, and paying attention to the factors that should matter the most going forward.

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