Hot Seat Panel: Website and Social Media Reviews Christina Knight, Chris Mismash, Bruce Clay, and Jon Ball Moderated by David Mihm

October 14th, 2013

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Criticism isn’t something that most of us are able to stomach when we put so much time and energy, not to mention the money we spend on our websites. They are everything. Our brands, who we are and they are the platform for our core messages. A handful of business/brands have allowed a six panel board of experts at this years Bend WebCam to offer critique, insight and offer suggestions on improving their websites.

Moderator David Mihm suggests performing the Google search, “” to find out how google views your sight.

Bruce Clay continually encourages web administrators to externalize as much code as possible.


By the way, the lack of content for this hot seat is a result of the number of the attendees sapping the bandwidth of the venues WiFi. I’m catching up I promise.


For an excellent example of mobile usability, visit Moderator David Mihm hails the way that this sight is has been able to envision the mobile experience.


Again…how important are keywords? If you search for private schools in Houston, Texas, this school won’t show up. We are seeing how much importance this organization has placed in the word “Episcopal.” It’s about how searchers are thinking. Most people outside of a specific industry have no idea what the majority of that industries terminology or buzz-words mean. That is important to remember.


We are reviewing Redmond, OR based, Dana Signs.

The initial look shows empty areas of content. I.e., Current Projects.

Keeping up to date content is so important. Being in the field of public relations, I know that static and unchanged content keeps potential new customers and revenue from returning to your sites and platforms.


Chris Mismash – his last name is Mismash. Honestly, that’s cool enough in and of itself but, he highlights the importance of highlighting your work. Be aware of the length of intro videos, consider breaking them up by inserting testimonials, suggests Mismash.

Panelist Christina Knight encourages service based or B2C pages to establish clear ways for potential new business to go about finding out how to get what the page is offering.


SURPRISE! The panel get a curve ball and has been asked to review a site without prior review.

Charities and Volunteering are keywords that have been suggested for improving search rankings. Also suggested are making things “look” clickable. Be careful not to make calls to action look too much like info-graphics, adds Mismash.





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